Roz Barr Architects Book Launch 3 May

170426 Roz Barr Architects May 2017

Bas Princen Book Signing Friday 28 April

170426 Bas Princen May 2017

Paris Hermitage Book Launch 26 April

170420 Paris Hermitage Launch April 2017

Detail Kultur Book Launch 9 March NEW TIME


The Bazaar of Isfahan Book Launch 1 March

170209 The Bazaar of Isfahan March 2017

Jonathan Glancey Book Launch 22 February

170209 Whats so great about the Eiffel Tower February 2017

The Riddle of the Real City Book Launch 8 February


NATØ: Narrative Architecture in Postmodern London Book Launch 25 January


Rituals and Walls: The Architecture of Scared Space Book Launch 14 December


Guide to Common Urban Imaginaries in Contested Spaces Book Launch 7 December