By Other Means

By Peter Eisenman

By Other Means traces Eisenman’s evolution from his formative years to his well-known Houses series and beyond. Unpublished work from his undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies reveal an ‘Eisenman before Eisenman’. This material is printed along with correspondence from Colin Rowe, ephemera from the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, and previously unseen sketches/diagrams for Houses I, II, VI, and X.Featuring drawings and ephemera relating to various projects and proposals in the United States (e.g. Princeton and New York) and Europe (e.g. Liverpool and Venice). This book is published on the occasion of the exhibition By Other Means, curated by Mathew Ford with Jeffrey Kipnis as part of Time– Space – Existence, organized by GAA-Foundation at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy, for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, May 28 – November 27, 2016.

Bonn 2017, 25 x 21 cm, illustrated, 176pp, Hardback

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