20/20: Editorial Takes on Architectural Discourse

Edited by Kirk Wooller, with a preface by Brett Steele

20/20: Editorial Takes on Architectural Discourse brings together editors from 20 leading contemporary architectural magazines to discuss collectively the role editors play in shaping architectural discourse.

Each of the contributors has responded to a set of 20 questions on the multiple conditions under which particular ideas and words enter architectural discourse through publication. The resulting critical positions and observations are as diverse as the magazines from which they originate, and range from the oldest student-edited journal (Perspecta) to a research collective that at the time of writing was on the cusp of being launched ([bracket]). Also included are contributions from the editors of 306090, AA Files, ActarAn Architektur, Footprint, Grey Room, Harvard Design Magazine, Hunch, Interstices, Log, Manifold, Mark, New Geographies, OASE, Praxis, Scapes, UME and Volume. 20/20 is a timely publication that provides today's architectural reader with concise viewpoints from the editors behind the magazines behind architectural culture.

London, 2011, 21.6 x 13.5 cm, illustrated, 276 pp. Paperback ISBN 978-1-907896-00-2


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