50|50 WORDS FOR REUSE – A minifesto

By Graeme Brooker

50I50 Words is a compilation of the dialects of reuse. Its proposition is that an obsolete entity is not only a site of depredation, it is a condition for mediation: a location for research and design processes for meaningful change through reuse. In other words, the creative re-designation of all existing matter. 50I50 characterises centuries of these practices, and specifies their relevance to the 21st century. Our time will be characterised by its responses to the challenge of climate emergency, and to the need for social justice. 50I50 is a resource: lexicon of language, an expression of vocabularies, and a glossary of terms used to distinguish the transformation of the existing, into something new.

Graham Brooker is Professor and Head of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art ion London. This is the fifteenth book he has published on the histories and theories of inside spaces, many of which focus on the reuse of existing artefacts, buildings and cities.

London, 2021, 19cm x 14cm, 144p, illustrated, Paperback.


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