A Clockwork Jerusalem

Sam Jacob and Wouter Vanstiphout

The British Pavilion welcomed visitors from across the world for the public opening of the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale. To accompany the show, the British Council collaborated with The Vinyl Factory to produce a special exhibition book named after the show: A Clockwork Jerusalem.

Designed by London-based graphic designers Fraser Muggeridge studio, and featuring four different covers, the book contains a huge array of images, ranging from Sixties architectural drawings to 19th-century poverty maps, stills from iconic Eighties music videos to historic social reforms. It reflects and records the arguments raised in the exhibition and chart the emergence of a particular form of British Modernism, as interpreted by the exhibition curators, Sam Jacob (FAT Architecture) and Wouter Vanstiphout (Crimson Architectural Historians).

A labour of love for all involved, the book has been conceived as more than a catalogue, however, featuring essays by the curators and architecture commentator, Owen Hatherley, that propose questions about how the past can inform the future of British architecture. Mark Wadhwa, co-founder of 180 The Strand – this year’s pavilion sponsor – contributed the Afterword. “The book is for a wide audience because it relates culture to architecture,” says Wadhwa. “180 The Strand is about the people and the ideas that populate it, rather than just the architecture, and this show sets out how that has happened in the past and that it should be the vision for the future. And it does so brilliantly.”

London, 2014, 24 x 30cm, illustrated, 96pp, paperback.


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