AA Agendas: Little Worlds

Edited by Natasha Sandmeier
With essays by Brett Steele, Christopher Pierce, Charles Arsène-Henry, Robert Somol,
Barbara Campbell-Lange and a conversation with Madelon Vriesendorp
Little Worlds documents three years of conversations and projects in Diploma Unit 9’s ongoing enquiry into context. At a time when architecture is trying to redefine itself, the issue of context – how to collect it, make it, shape it, talk about it, and enter one’s architecture within it – is more pressing than ever. The book pulls together a collection of utterly unique and singular worlds that together argue for a positioning of architecture: not geographically, but rather set within its rich cultural context shaped by real histories and imagined futures. Ultimately, Little Worlds addresses a question
all architects face at the beginning of their bright futures – how to shape an identity.
London, 2014, 29.7 x 210cm, illustrated, c 350 pp. Paperback.

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