AA Book: Projects Review 2007

Produced annually to accompany the AA School of Architecture's end of year exhibition of student work.

For 2007 the Architectural Association's most important annual compendium looks to offer something new. Inside this book's black-and-white cover the reader will find an explosion of colour, content and imagery: commissioned texts, photo-journalism, reviews, graphics, photographs, reading lists, posters and, still above all else, projects selected from across the entire school. Accordingly, we have renamed the 2007 compendium AA Book - that is simply what it is, an academic year in the AA represented in the form of a book.

Includes interleaves and an accompanying free DVD with thousands of additional images, videos, animations and texts.

388 pages, extensive col. & b/w ills
249 x 170 mm, Paperback, 2007


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