AA Files 22

Andrew Saint 
Some thoughts About the Architectural Use of Concrete

Macdonald & Salter 

Thai Fish Restaurant, Tokyo

Francesco Venezia 
Theatre at Gibellina / Urban Renewal of S. Pietro a Patierno

Peter Beard
Work in Progress

Tomás Horava 

Herbert Lachmeyer, Christian Gargerle, Géza Hajós

The Grand Hotel

Tom Heneghan & Inga Dagfinnsdottir with Kazuhiro Ando & Fumihiko Akahoshi 

Kumamoto Grasslands Agricultural Institute

Herron Associates @ Imagination

Waddesdon Dairy

Peter Carl 
Architecture and Time – A Prolegomena

William Firebrace

An Ordinary City

Exhibition and Book Reviews

112 pages, extensive b/w & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 1991

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