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Jennifer Bloomer
. . . and Venustas

Peter Eisenman
Max Reinhardt Haus, Berlin

Robin Middleton
Sickness, Madness and Crime as the Grounds of Form

Mark Girouard, Sir Denys Lasdun and Myfanwy Piper
J. M. Richards 1907–1992

Augustin Berque
Beyond the Modern Landscape

Carlos Villanueva-Brandt
Public Square for Himi City / Shogawa Pavilion

Peter Salter

Kamiichi Pavilion / Woodcarving Museum at Inami

Ron Herron Associates
Wind Tower at Kurobe / Kosugi Bus Interchange

Alan Power

Architects and Artists in English Modernism

William Firebrace
Jasmine Way

Exhibition and Book Reviews

112 pages, extensive b/w & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 2012


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