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Jaime Coll
Structure and Play in Le Corbusier’s Art Works

Marc Mimram
Passerelle Solférino

Iñaki Abaolos and Juan Herreros
Areas of Impunity and Vectorial Spaces

Peter Beard with AA Intermediate Unit 1
San Carlino and the Cultivated Wild

Akos Moravanszky
‘Truth to Material’ vs ‘The Principle of Cladding’

Josep Lluís Mateo
Social Housing in Torello/Retirement Home in Campdevanol

Francesco Venezia
Two University Buildings in Amiens / Laboratory in Mestre / Museum in Seoul

Alain Pottage
Architectural Authorship

Book Reviews

112 pages, extensive b/w & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 2012


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