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A Double Issue focusing on the work of Georges Perec.
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A Double Issue focusing on the work of Georges Perec.

Jacques Jouet
Metro Poems

Enrique Walker & Paul Virilio

Paul Virilio on Georges Perec,

Carlos Villaneuva Brandt

Andrew Leak
Paris Created and Destroyed

Translated from the French by Andrew Leak Lieux
Four texts by Georges Perec

Jason Oddy
After All

Paul Auster

The Bartlebooth Follies

Luke Oxley
Highly Desirable, Extremely Affordable

Tom Emerson
From Lieux to Life...

Luke Oxley
So Good Looking

Marcel Bénabou
The Lumber-Room

Terry Smith

In the morning, will I remember this...

Jean-Charles Depaule & Pierre Getzler
A City in Words and Numbers

Richard Wentworth

Accidentally on purpose

Paul Virilio

A Walking Man

Jean Baptiste Marot
Paris for the Cinema

Harry Mathews
Tear Sheet

Jacques Roubaud
A Few Poems

Julian Green
Inventory of the Future

Book Reviews

176 pages, extensive b/w & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 2012


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