AA Files 49

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Special issue based on a symposium, London Postcolonial City, organised by the AA and the London Consortium in March 1999.

Mohsen Mostafavi
London Postcolonial City

Linton Kwesi
Johnson Reggae Fi Dada

Paul Gilroy

A London Sumtin Dis...

Rut Blees
Luxemburg London

Patrick Keiller

London in the 1990s

Sunand Prasad

Hints of a Postcolonial Architecture

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Café Societies

Colin MacCabe & Hanif Kureishi

Hanif Kureishi and London

Sukhdev Sandhu
London Calling

Michael Keith

Postcolonial London and the Allure of the Cosmopolitan City

Claudia Roden

London’s Mongrel English Cuisine

Ori Gersht
Rear Window

Neil Leach


Salman Rushdie
London from The Satanic Verses

AA Diploma Honours 2001/02
Achim Menges

108 pages, extensive b/w & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 2012


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