AA Files 51

Gion Caminada with Valentin Bontjes van Beek and Alex Hurst
Girls’ Dormitory, Disentis

Alexander D’Hooghe

Siberia as Analogous Territory

Diana Periton and Vittoria Di Palma
The Intimate Metropolis

Hugh Campbell

Intimacy and Spectacle in the Films of Pedro Almodóvar

Roy Kozlovsky

Beat Literature and the Domestication of American Space

Paul Emmons
Intimate Circulations – Representing Flow in House and City

Marina Lathouri
Frame and Fragment – Visions for the Modern City

AA Diploma Honours 2003/04
Projects by Hani Fallaha, Julian Löffler, Markus Miessen

Book Reviews

88 pages, extensive & col. ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 2004

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