AA Files 61

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Lilly Dubowitz
In Search of a Forgotten Architect

Ákos Moravánszky
My Blue Heaven

Georges Teyssot
The Wave

Elizabeth Wilson
Postwar Perverts

Jack Burnett-Stuart
Where's Leo?

Martino Stierli
Mies Montage

John Morgan
In Conversation with Sally Potter

Brian Hatton
Meeting, Building … Preserving? Venice Biennale

Karin Gimmi
From the Pool to Poetry

John Harwood
Skylab, or The Outpost

Eric Kindel
Fit to be Seen

Niall Hobhouse
The Said, the Unsaid and the Unsayable

Henderson Downing
Prompt Languag

Linda Sandino
... Speaking of Memory...

Irene Sunwoo
The Static Age

Mathew Aitchison
Pevsner’s Townscape

132 pages, extensive col. ills
297 X 245 mm, Paperback, 2013


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