AA Files 64

André Bideau
Elusive Ungers

Jeff Wall
Vancouver Appearing and Not Appearing

Charles Rice
Stalking John Portman

Sylvia Taher
In Conversation with Thomas Demand

Jeremy Dixon
Reconstructing Tatlin's Tower

Alan Powers
Flying Angels and Solid Walls

Thomas Daniell
Just Looking

Samantha Hardingham
In Conversation with John Frazer

Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz
Stones Against Diamonds

William Firebrace
Hop Rayuela Backstein

Gillian Darley
Looking for Ian Nairn

Beatriz Ramo
O'Mighty Green

Manuel Peralta
Welcome to Less is More

Antony Moulis
A Night at the Opera

Roland Barthes
The Eiffel Tower

Julie Rose
Translator's Afterword

Edward Denison
Chinese Whispers

Peter Wilson
Here Kitty Kitty

ISBN: 9781907896125

144 pages, extensive col & b/w ills
297 x 245 mm, Paperback, 2012


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