AA Files 7

Lebbeus Woods
Architecture, Consciousness and the Mythos of Time

Anthony Vidler 

The Rhetoric of Monumentality

Andrew Saint 

Raymond Hood and the National Radiator Building

Günther Domenig and Michael Webb, introduction by Peter Cook

Beyond the Normal Limits of Twentieth-Century Architecture

Timothy Benton

Le Corbusier and the Loi Loucheur

Suzanne Frank

J. L. M. Lauweriks and the Dutch School of Proportion

Robert Maxwell 

The High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

The Oriental Museum, Durham University, Competition entries by Chris Macdonald and Peter Salter, Alan Stanton, and Trevor Horne (First Prize)

Exhibition and Book Reviews

112 pages, extensive b/w ills
297 x 244 mm, Paperback, 1984


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