AD: Multispace

Guest-edited by Owen Hopkins

Multispace exists at the intersection of the physical and digital, and in the blurring of their previously clear dividing lines. Multispace is not a single space, but a hybrid space where, in effect, we occupy multiple spaces simultaneously. We enter it on a Zoom call, when we are in our office and in a meeting with 20 people; when we are cycling down a country lane whilst racing against thousands of others who also use the Strava app; when we are watching a TV show while live tweeting; or, perhaps most literally, when wandering around the local park looking for creatures that only appear on a smartphone screen. A fundamental question of this AD is why the phenomena that multispace describes are of concern to architects. The answer is that multispace points to a situation that is, at root, an architectural one. Offering both a collective and highly personalised experience, static and dynamically customisable, and above all at the same time public and private, multispace lies at the centre of the complex set of tensions, concerns and preoccupations that define how we conceive architecture as theory and practice. It is the messy in between, with rough and uneven edges that are constantly shifting.

New Jersey, 2023, 27 X 22 cm, 136pp. illustrated, Paperback.

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