Andrew Holmes: Addition Folio IX

Limited edition, with cover signed by the artist. Essays by Andrew Holmes and Cedric Price.

Andrew Holmes is Britain's best-known super-realist painter. Over the years he has built up an impressive body of work in which the constant subject matter of American trucks, cars and urban landscapes has been explored in increasing depth through a variety of media from color pencil to acrylic paint. His most recent experiments have used silkscreen printing to explore the way in which changing the scale of an image affects perception. He has used this Folio to continue his explorations by creating twenty silkscreen fragments which when put together create dramatic 4 x 5 foot detail of Richard Rogers' hi-tech Inmos building.

Rare and collectible. Limited stock available.

20 three-color silkscreen plates which when assembled form an image 4 x 5 feet, 20-page illustrated catalogue with color, London 1986, 32 x 32 cm

ISBN: 090450378X

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