Andrew Holmes: Big Pic Box (Box 4)

Texts by Andrew Holmes and David Greene

Andrew Holme's is Britain's best-known super-realist painter as well as an architect and graphic designer. Over the years he has built up an impressive body of work in which the urbam landscape of the United States has been explored in increasing depth through a variety of media, from color pencil to acrylic paint, silkscreen printing and, most recently, Polaroid photographs.

Big Pic Box contains eighteen plates each composed of nine Polaroid images which can be assembled in any arrangement to form the composite work Nine Times, and a booklet with color illustrations of the work from which Nine Times evolved.  The images are the most controversial of his work to date in both form and content: unlikely combinations of fragments of contemporary living - urban waste, trucks, flowers, animals, and intimate images culled from the TV screen - arranged without distinction.

This publication takes its place beside Additions, published in 1986 as Folio IX.

Rare and collectible. Limited stock available.

London 1988, 31,5 x 31,5 cm, 18 full color plates, 24 page illustrated catalogue illustrated in color, box

ISBN: 1870890078

24 pages, 18 full col. plates
311 x 311 mm, Paperback, 1988

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