Architectural Acoustics – Pocket Architecture

Ana M. Jarmillo and Christopher Steel

The application of good acoustic design can seem daunting to designers when trying to understand the often-complex physics of sound control. The ever-increasing number of standards and performance criteria that can be requested on new developments further complicates acoustics for architects. Architectural Acoustics, part of the PocketArchitecture series, provides the fundamental theory and understanding of acoustics and applications of effective detailing for specific building types and conditions in an accessible and clear technical guide. The book provides: * a compact and understandable introduction to the fundamentals of building and architectural acoustics * definitions of suitable acoustic performance criteria for a wide range of common buildings and room types * guidance on specification and detailing of the most suitable construction types in North America and the UK. This book is both, a handy rule of thumb on acoustics for anyone involved in the design or construction of buildings, as well as an essential addition to any architect's reference library.

London, 2014, 18.6cm, 12.3cm, illustrated, 278pp, paperback.

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