Architecture Words 5–8 Box Set

This limited edition box set contains the latest four volumes in the highly-acclaimed Architecture Words series:

5. Form, Function, Beauty = Gestalt by Max Bill

6. Projectiles by Bernard Cache

7. Modernity Unbound by Detlef Mertins

8. Tarzans in the Media Forest by Toyo Ito

Architecture Words is a series of texts and important essays on architecture written by architects, critics and scholars. Like many aspects of everyday life, contemporary architectural culture is dominated by an endless production and consumption of images, graphics and information. Rather than mirror this larger force, this series of small books seeks to deflect it by means of direct language, concise editing and beautiful, legible graphic design.

London, 2011, 19 x 11.7cm, illustrated, 680pp. Boxed, paperback.


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