Architecture Words 6 Projectiles

By Bernard Cache

Bernard Cache is the principal of the Paris-based practice Objectile – which he founded in 1996 with Patrick Beaucé – and a noted theorist of geometry and computational ontology.

He formulated his concept of 'non-standard architecture' in his 1995 book Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories, a concept that was given the name 'objectile' by Gilles Deleuze in his book on the philosopher Leibniz, The Fold.

This collection of ten essays brings together a number of key texts by Cache. These include his 1999 'Plea for Euclid' and more recent writing commissioned especially for this collection, including 'Vitruvius Machinator Terminator'.

London, 2011, 18 x 11 cm,illustrated, 144pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-902902-88-3

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