Architecture Words 7 Modernity Unbound

By Detlef Mertins

For almost 20 years, Detlef Mertins has been a critical voice in renewing our understanding of architectural modernity. Architect, historian, professor, his essays have often taken up familiar themes in order to redress inaccuracies and release energies that we were unaware of.

These essays elaborate on such key modernist tropes as transparency, glass architecture, organicism, life and event, sameness and difference. Previously published in a variety of different venues, from journals to anthologies – including such noted books as Lars Spuybroek's NOX: Machining Architecture and FOA's Phylogenesis – they are now assembled for the first time in this volume.

London 2011, 18 x 11 cm, illustrated, 200pp. Paperback ISBN 978-1-902902-89-0

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