Biennials/ Triennials: Conversations on the Geography of Itinerant Display

By Lea-Catherine Szacka

In the forty years since the first iteration of Venice Architecture Biennale, the field of architecture has seen a remarkable change in the role played by exhibition-making. While architecture and display have long been intertwined practices, a rapid proliferation of large-scale perennial exhibitions-particularly in the twenty-first century-has resulted in the biennial / triennial becoming an integral part of our discipline, a new geography of itinerant display that has profoundly altered the contours of architectural thought. Between format, space, and content, what are the various agencies and effects of these events? Biennials / Triennials asks these questions and others of a range of curatorial agents-including After Belonging Agency, Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, Sarah Herda, Adrian Lahoud, Ippolito Pestellini, and Andre Tavares-and visits crucial sites of recent exhibitions that reveal what is at stake in the newfound ubiquity of the architectural -ennial.

New York, 2019, 20x13cm, 192pp. Paperback.

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