Bodyline:The End of Our Meta Mechanical Body

George L.Legendre, with a preface by Brett Steele

Bodyline is intended for architects, architecture and design students, product designers, fashion designers, art lovers, structural engineers and anyone else interested in the visual arts.

Bodyline, a visual essay on the human body, approaches its subject in a spirit both playful and seriously experimental. Organised by themes in turn figurative and abstract, organic and mechanical, immaterial and ultra-material, Bodyline contains not one predictable image of the body. Instead it uses diffracted views to conjure seven alternative visions of the flesh in the age of meta-mechanical reproduction, reconstructing the human physique by means of synthetic images, clothing patterns and technical blueprints. As such Bodyline is as much about perception and delineation as it is about the body. Drawn from the work of the AA's Diploma Unit 5 under the guidance of George L. Legendre and Lluís Viu Rebés, the book is divided into three chapters loosely based on Robert Hughes's Nothing if Not Critical.

42 pages, Extensive ills
275 x 188 mm, Paperback, 2012
ISBN 978-1-902902-46-3

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