Bracket 1: On Farming – Out of Print

Edited by Mason White and Maya Przybylski

Bracket is a new book series structured around an open call for entries that highlights emerging critical issues at the juncture of architecture, environment, and digital culture.  Conceived as an almanac, the series looks at emerging themes in our global age that are shaping the built environment in radically significant, yet often unexpected ways.

On Farming looks at the capacity for architecture to address ideas and issues of productive landscapes and urbanisms. Once merely understood in terms of agriculture – today, information, energy, labour, and landscape can all be farmed. Farming harnesses the efficiency of communities and represents the local gesture, the productive landscape, and the alternative economy. The processes of farming are mutable, parametric, and efficient. Farming is the modification of infrastructure, urbanisms, architectures, and landscapes toward a privileging of production.

Barcelona, 2010, 20cm x 26cm, illustrated, 252pp. Paperback.


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