Building Register (Complete Second Set) – Currently Unavailable

Edited by Stephen Bates, Bruno Krucker and Katharina Leuschner

Building Register is a research programme which examines historically significant buildings as references within the current architectural debate on housing and urbanism. The programme takes the form of a series of surveys documenting both the general characteristics of projects and selected areas of de­tailed study.

The buildings are explored both at the urban scale and in detail, at the level of a single room or construction assembly. This may include the internal structure of a large residential complex in relation to its urban form, or the defining presence of a material or detail in view of the effect they have on the urban context.

The second series of Studio Krucker Bates' investigation of historical buildings includes:

Beguinage, Kortrijk

Fuggerei, Augsburg

Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Hornbaekhus, Copenhagen

Parc Plein Soleil, Geneva

Munich, 2013, 20 x 26.5 cm, illustrated, set of five books. Paperback.


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