City as Loft: Adaptive Reuse as a Resource for Sustainable Urban Development

Edited by Martina Baum and Kees Christiaanse

A desire for urbanity, identity and identification has been a major factor during the last thirty years in stimulating the preservation and conversion of derelict structures dating from the industrial era.  Buildings like this have their own specific features and a relationship to history and context, while at the same time being open to current and future needs.  The buildings attract involvement by local people and stand out with their qualities of stability and openness.  The word ‘loft’ is used to describe these urban qualities: adaptable, flexible and at the same time powerful and authentic spaces in which people can live and work.

The thirty portraits of reused industrial areas presented here show a wide variety of locations which each present a reinterpretation of the legacy of the industrial age.  The books examines the backgrounds, people and concepts involved in these projects and illustrates various strategies for reuse.  In essays and interview, specialists from both theoretical and practical fields explain their findings and experiences.

Zurich, 2012, 17 cm x 24 cm, illustrated, 382 pp. Hardback.

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