Cloud 68 Paper Voice: Smiljan Radic’s Collection of Radical Architecture

Edited by Fredi Fischli, Patricio Mardones, Smiljan Radic and Niels Olsen

The period between the 1950s and the 1970s saw the flourishing of a number of radical movements in architecture throughout Europe, producing a wide range of experimental expression. Cloud '68 presents a selection of 173 graphic pieces—including lithographs, drawings, original etchings, and ephemera—that together give a sense of the diverse approaches that thrived in those years. Drawing from the personal collection of the Chilean architect Smiljan Radic, the book features works by Constant, Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, Haus-Rucker-Co, Archigram, Utopie, Superstudio, and many others. Apart from essays by Tom McDonough and Lara Schrijver Cloud '68 contains interview fragments by the critic and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who talked to the key figures of these movements.

Zurich, 2020, 16x21cm, 192pp. illustrated, Paperback.

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