Daniel Weil: Light Box (Box 1)

With introductory essays by: Dawn Ades, Nigel Coates, J. Christopher Joner, John Thackara

Daniel Weil is one of London's most innovative young designers, whose highly individual pieces have now attained the status of cult objects. Since the breakthrough of his transparent Bag radio, Weil has explored the territory  between design, art and function in a series of everyday artefacts (ranging from fruit bowl to radio, passing various clocks on the way). Light Box covers Daniel Weil's work of the early 1980s. It contains a sketchbook and a collection of objects including a silkscreen print on fabric, six color plates and two printed circuit boards.

Rare and collectible. Limited stock available.

32 page sketchbook and assemblage of objects, box, London 1985, 31,3 x 31,3 cm

ISBN: 0904503631

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