David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018: Vicenza, Basilica Palladiana

By David Chipperfield and Fulvio Irace

'We hope to expose in a more open manner, not a glossy presentation of an overview of our work, but a more open explanation of the work of the architect. This does not mean that the aesthetics of presentation are avoided, rather they are balanced by an attempt to communicate thoughts and concerns that are still in our minds and are part of our process. In order to emphasise this, each project team has been responsible for developing their own installation. We also want to avoid the idea that this process is anything but messy. The development of ideas is not consistent from project to project. Every process is subject to different possibilities and limits. Some projects develop intensely through a concentrated process of competition while others evolve through changes in circumstances and demands. Some are elaborated through sketches and modifications and some evolve through a more mechanical process of revision and the examination of alternatives.' (David Chipperfield)

Cologne, 2018, 22x30cm, 152pp. illustrated, Paperback. (Bilingual)

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