In Edition 0 published in May 2015 by Everyday Press London we have been consider ‘What is interesting about Detail?’. A detail can be Novel, Fanciful, Peculiar, Invisible, Organic, Contextural and even Sociological.
When is a detail good and when is it bad? Can the detail be good and the whole bad (and vice versa)? We have begun to try and deal with these vexed questions. We consider the detail of reality, one which is considerate, accommodating as well as in its substance and materiality. A range of detail types are introduced and were submitted to us as written entries by notable contemporary architects including David Adjaye OBE, Founder Adjaye Associates, Peter Clegg Founder Fielden Clegg Bradley Architects and Professor Greg Dart of University College London. We have illustrated a selection of the details in such a way that the intended meaning is ‘drawn out’ for the readers’ consideration.

London, 2015, 10x15cm, illustrated, 6 fold out booklets.

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