Do You Remember How Perfect Everything Was? The Work of Zoe Zenghelis

By Hamed Khosravi

Zoe Zenghelis’ paintings create an unprecedented imaginary inspired by metropolitan structures, landforms and abstract tectonics. Born in Athens in 1937, she began her career as a founding member of Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), where her contributions created new opportunities for the group at the vanguard of architectural representation. Within, alongside and beyond this collaboration, Zenghelis developed a body of work exhibiting a playful and iconoclastic evocation of a very particular urban form – one that is perhaps a surreal mix of the Aegean landscape of her youth and metropolitan cities such as Paris, Berlin, New York or London. She has lived and worked in the latter since 1955.

London, 2021, 22cm x 28cm, 304pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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