Drawing Matter Extracts 3: Pan Scroll Zoom

By Fabrizio Gallanti

In March 2020, schools of architecture everywhere faced a fundamental challenge as all meetings, presentations and reviews moved online, and the role of the drawing seemed to change irrevocably.

Pan Scroll Zoom shows us a whole generation of young and resourceful studio leaders, based in universities across five continents, responding with their students to these new conditions, and reflecting on the future of architectural education. Commissioned and edited by Fabrizio Gallanti over the months that followed, the twenty searching interviews and texts, together with reflections by students on the realities of lockdown, and illustrations of their own project work, form an informal, and optimistic, narrative of the crisis. Contributions by Wolff Architects, Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria S. Giudici, and Mark Dorrian appear here for the first time.


London, 2021, 30xm x 23.5cm, 226pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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