Dust Free Friends

By 6a architects

This beautiful limited edition book was published on the occasion of the exhibition of this project which was commissioned by Maniera in Brussels. The book takes its format and inspiration from Enzo Mari’s Augtoprogettazione and an instruction manual on how to build the furniture titled Dust Free Friends which was created for the exhibition by 6a.

Dust Free Friends is a series of designs for small pieces of domestic furniture that can be made very simply at home, in restricted spaces, with a small number of tools and without specialist skills. The lightness and simplicity of the pieces is derived from a combination of observation of the way simple plywood constructions on a construction site are adapted to become stools, tables, steps and stairs, changing quickly and without fuss as workers need them.

London 2015, 21.5x15, colour illustrated, 78pp. Spiral bound paperback.


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