El Croquis 161: Mansilla + Tunon 1992-2012

By Jaime Benyei and Albert Fuentes Sánchez

In a special in memoriam edition of El Croquis, the life and work of this exemplary pair of architects is celebrated in over 400 pages. With the passing of Luis M. Mansilla in 2012, Spain lost one of its premier architectural visionaries. Following an introductory essay by Juan Antonio Cortés entitled ‘Activated Geometries’, the publication examines the very active and influential legacy of this office. Among the numerous projects included are the Castellón Museum of Fine Arts, the Swimming Centre in San Fernando de Henares, the City of Madrid International Convention Centre and the Citadel in Logroño, along with several texts and an interview with the architects.

Madrid 2012, 24.5cm x 34cm, illustrated, 412pp. Paperback.

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