El Croquis 217: Arrhov Frick + Groupwork

El Croquis 217 includes the volumes El Croquis 217 [I] Arrhov Frick 2015-2022 and El Croquis 217 [II] Groupwork 2012-2022. 

Johan Arrhov (b. 1979) and Henrik Frick (b. 1977) met as teenagers. Music, art, painting, and table tennis were often the daily activities. After various studies in economics, philosophy, art and painting, studies began at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in the early 2000s. They formed their own studio in 2010, with Carlos Nieto Cid (b. 1977) joining in 2013 and becoming a partner in 2017. Working with a diversity of projects, their process involves careful, in situ observations of conditions as a continuous part of the process. Their main objective is to do architecture that makes life better for the people.

Groupwork is an architectural practice based in London which has received prestigious international awards, such as the RIBA award. The studio is an employee ownership trust formed as a collective of talented architects and designers, and is integrated by: Amin Taha; Alex Cotterill; Dale Eliott; Dominic Kacinskas; Jason Coe; Nerissa Yeung; and Peter Rae.


Madrid, 2022, 29 x 34 cm, illustrated, Paperback.


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