Exposed Architecture: Exhibitions, Interludes, and Essays

By Isabel Martinez Abascal and Mario Ballesteros

Exposed Architecture offers an overview of work by young architects in Latin America. It is published in collaboration with LIGA, Space for Architecture in Mexico City. Founded in 2011, LIGA is an independent initiative for the promotion of contemporary architecture in Latin America by staging exhibitions and conferences and by publishing books on selected topics. The first part documents exhibitions by twelve firms from Argentina, Brazil/Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Portugal have created at LIGA's exhibition space in Mexico in images and brief texts. In the second part, six "Studio Interludes" shed light on practice and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American architecture. The third part comprises short essays by Agnaldo Farias, Barry Bergdoll, Carlos Minguez Carrasco, Daniel Fernandez Pascual, Florencia Rodriguez, Anna Puigjaner and Jorge Munguia, Rory Hyde, Tina Dicarlo, and Wonne Ickx, as well as two interviews with local protagonists. They look at key aspects and topics against a backdrop of manifold difficulties and challenges the region poses for the production and communication of architecture. Text in English and Spanish.

Switzerland, 2018, h230mm x w180mm, 304pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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