Faktur: Documents and Architecture Issue 1

Edited By Pep Avilés

Faktur: Documents and Architecture is a new journal that celebrates research as the source of architectural imagination. Faktur is interested in new and innovative methods for presenting and discussing architecture, methods that understand academic and non-academic research as a crucial precondition to developing critical, contemporary projects. We seek to present topics, locations, and architectural concerns that function as micro-narratives illuminating larger issues of global culture. We are interested in the construction of material arguments from local perspectives, linking them to long-durée historical threads within architecture on the one hand, and current political, economic, and cultural concerns on the other. Finally, we are interested in how these investigations affect, inform, or influence the design processes of contemporary architectural practices. Faktur operates between the factual authority of research and journalism, and the atmospheric and material license of architecture, responding to what we perceive as an urgent need to provide new grounds upon which to discuss architecture.


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