A.mag 19: Taller Hector Barroso | Estudio Macias Peredo

The new generation of Mexican architecture is represented by Taller Héctor Barroso and Estudio Macías Peredo, two offices whose work emerges in harmony with the surrounding site, generating spaces with an emotional content that evoke memory and highlight the habitable quality of their architecture. Projects by the former, established by Barroso in Mexico City in 2011, often take advantage of the natural resources of each place, including local materials and construction methods. Estudio Macías Peredo was launched in 2012 in Guadalajara, with a special focus on the local context. This developing interest has become the central theme of their approach.

Matosinhos (Portugal), 2020, 24cm x 32cm, 208 p, illustrated, Paperback.

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