Halls & Oats

By Jethro Marshall

Book Relase (005)


The 5th book in the West Country Modern series is another socio architectural study of the rural landscape. Documenting the humble village hall as the ultimate democratic space, Halls & Oats is a black and white photographic essay of utilitarian bucolic construction. The images are introduced with an essay by Architect and Critic Sam Jacob. Jethro Marshall’s images document these Devon & Dorset countryside landmarks, the literal centres of community that quietly house the leisure and civic pastimes essential to the day to day lives of rural Britain. “The hall itself is a statement of intent, a covenant – a promise even – of the possibility of community. Mutual and co-operative, they are of the people for the people”.

West Dorset, 2020, 20cm x 26cm, 36pp, illustrated, Paperback. 200 x 260mm

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