Garage: Hate Suburbia – Currently Unavailable

By Olivia Erlanger and Luis Ortega Govela

Hate Suburbia is Olivia Erlanger and Luis Ortega Govela's new book about the architecture and image of the suburban garage. With a foreword by Octave Perrault, essay by Luis Ortega Govela, an interview between Gwen Stefani and Steve Wozniak, and a roundtable discussion withTravis Fitzgerald and Zack Davis from Appendix Gallery (Portland, OR), Pentti Monkkonen of Paradise Garage (Los Angeles, CA), and Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidja ja from Project Native Informant (London, UK). Hate Suburbia takes us through the inception of the attached garage, the carport, and what hides behind the veil of its automatic door; garage galleries, mythical startup stories, the Robie House, garage bands, American Beauty, everything garage.

Portland, OR, 2016, 13X18 cm, 90pp, colour illustrated, Paperback.


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