Herzog & de Meuron: Architecture and Construction Details

By Sandra Hofmeister

DETAIL Special Issue.

Who does not know, the internationally renowned architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron from Switzerland, which has experienced an unprecedented rise since its foundation in 1978? How do these architects repeatedly manage to have innovative ways, to create individuality and to use allegedly classic materials in an unknown way in their designs? How do you come up with such unique ideas and how can the convincing implementation of such design ideas be put into practice? How does detailed planning takes place in the office of Herzog & de Meuron? We researched the archive of Detail and have come across more than 25 publications since the year 2000: reports, interviews, technical contributions, and many project documentation. As usual, this monograph from the house of Detail on the Herzog & de Meuron bureau looks a little deeper behind the scenes, describes processes and, above all, shows one thing: a lot of detail in building.

Munich, 2017, 32x23pp, 192pp. illustrated, Hardback.

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