Interactive Design

Edited by Behnaz Farahi & Neil Leach

Designers and forward thinkers in the field of interactive design share their reflections and show examples of different models of a responsive future environment. Interactive design has exploded in recent years with a number of inspiring projects that have opened up a new field of research and design. Interactive Design: Towards a Responsive Environment brings together some of the most prominent actors and thinkers in the field of interactive design, with theoretical articles highlighting different aspects of this work and describing them through current practices and projects. Supplemented with numerous illustrations, this book offers an overview of the emergence of interactive design and architecture based on the theory of cybernetics. At the same time, it introduces models of interactivity ranging from dynamic and shape-changing materials to wearables, architecture, and transdisciplinary and alternative design methods.

Basel, 2023, 17 x 24 cm, 241pp. illustrated, Paperback.

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