Joy Ride

By David Martin and Stephanie Woodward.

Joy Ride is a simple book on the surface. A collection of renowned architect-come-artist David C. Martin's sketches, watercolours, photography, and observations, as recorded over an extensive cross-Mexico sojourn, it has all the aesthetic gaiety and light-heartedness of a typical travelogue. However, there is something deeper at work. Martin's multi-media evocation of Mexican scenery and buildings speaks to his extensive experience in art and architecture, and this book will be of mutual interest to students of both - as well as those who want to explore Mexico through the eyes of a truly unique traveller. Innovative, fresh, and evocative, this book will take you on the 'Joy Ride' that its title promises.

San Raphael, 2017, 19 x 15cm, 302pp, illustrated, Hardback.

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