Jun Aoki – Notebooks

By Heibonsha Ltd

Jun Aoki has been engaged in a broad range of work, from designing residential houses to public architecture, such as the Aomori Museum of Art, and commercial buildings, such as LOUIS VUITTON Boutiques, as well as the production of art works. Constantly by his side, starting from April 1, 1992 and continuing to November 22, 2012, were these 104 KOKUYO-brand A4 notebooks, which are completely included in this publication.

This book covers every page in chronological order, from sketches and memos for his actual publicly well-known work, to many works, including drafts for competitions, that have never been brought to completion, and notes for his essays and manuscripts. You can trace trial and error in his creative processes.

Tokyo, 2013, h340mm x w240mm, 696pp, Hardback.


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