L.A.W.U.N Project #19

Edited by Samantha Hardingham & David Greene. Essays by Samantha Hardingham, Sand Helsel, Sam Jacob and Robin Middleton

This title accompanied a 40-year retrospective exhibition in April and May at the Architectural Association, curated and edited by Samantha Hardingham, with David Greene.</span>

David Greene's disreputable projects - evidence of his 'increasing disinterest in form and wilful drift towards invisibility' - are documented in a publication and 40-year retrospective exhibition in April and May, curated and edited by First Year tutor and writer Samantha Hardingham, with David Greene. In collaboration with a number of designers Greene revisits signature works such as the Logplug and The Bottery and review them in relation to current techniques.

280 pages, extensive col & b/w ills
330 x 240 mm, Hardback, 2012


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