Gunther Voigt : Landscape as a Cabinet of Curiosities

Edited by Rebecca Bornhauser and Thomas Kissling

Inspired by the architects' tradition of passing on experience in conversation form, this paperback book provides insights into the ideas, methods, and memories of one of Europe's most innovative landscape architects. In twelve concise conversations, Vogt inquires into the meaning of landscape architecture in the context of the worldwide urbanization process, and tries to define this young discipline's position. To this day, our concept of landscape appears to be influenced by an Arcadian ideal. Only when landscapes are understood on several levels, as the product of natural, cultural, and social processes, can atmospheric and living urban landscapes appropriate to the specific situation be created. Gunther Vogt sees landscape architecture decidedly as part of a city, given its close relationship to topography, architecture, and infrastructure.

Zurich, 2013, 19 x 12 cm, illustrated, 100pp, paperback.

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