Less a building: Interactions with the London Zoo Aviary

A research project and publication by Michaela Nettell with: Marcela Aragüez, Tim Dee, Polly Gould, Alex Hartley, Julie F Hill, Helen Jukes, Milena Michalski, Colin Priest, Ana Ruepp and Matthew Turner

Realised by Cedric Price, Lord Snowdon and Frank Newby in the mid-1960s, the landmark London Zoo Aviary is known for its pioneering tensile structure, its immersive and sensory qualities and its architectural paradoxes of permanence/plasticity, transparency/opacity and openness/enclosure. Less a building takes the hiatus of the aviary’s redevelopment in the early 2020s as an opportunity to consider the structure anew, exposing it as a powerful catalyst for experimental thinking and making.

London, 2021, 13cm x 19cm, 130ppm, illustrated, Paperback.

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