Light in Architecture: The Intangible Material

By Elisa Valero Ramos

Light in Architecture explores the role of light in buildings throughout history and the many disparate ways in which architects have approached the phenomenon around the world.
Translated and updated from the best-selling Spanish original, this book highlights the significance of light on human perception by examining the ways in which it can be harnessed and manipulated to achieve particular objectives or experiences – and tackles the fallacy that ‘more’ light necessarily means ‘better’ light. With increasing relevance to modern urbanism, it also considers what happens when we build in or around pre-existing architecture – how light can be improved, restored or even destroyed in the process.
Extensively researched and beautifully illustrated, Light in Architecture offers a fascinating study of how a greater understanding of this intangible, freely available material can improve our built environment and quality of life.

London, 2015, 21x17cm, illustrated, 192pp, paperback.

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